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96%VideoNov 2014

SNL - ISIS face the sharks of Shark Tank

(4:57) A pair of radical thinkers raise funds for their up-and-coming organisation, ISIS.

94%VideoDec 2014

SNL - Dr Evil interrupts the show to mock Sony and North Korea

(3:53) Mike Myers returns as Dr Evil from the Austin Powers films, to scold Sony and North Korea for giving Evil a bad rap.

93%VideoDec 2005

Lazy Sunday

SNL Chronic Narnia rap


93%VideoOct 2007

SNL - Iran So Far

Andy Samberg and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad together at last

93%VideoMar 2006

Jim Carrey on SNL - What is Love?

Jim Carrey and friends out on the town


93%VideoSep 2007

Beck - Clap Hands

Guess which quirky singer is coming to dinner


93%VideoSep 2008

CNN laughs it up over Sarah Palin interview

A first in the history of parody. From CNN's Late Edition, 28 September 2008


90%VideoJun 2008

Dick in a Box

Saturday Night Live digital short featuring Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg


90%VideoDec 2005

Blue Oyster Cult - More cowbell

Behind the scenes with Bruce Dickinson


89%VideoJan 2008

Father Guido Sarducci's five minute university

Teaches you what you will remember five years from graduation