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89%ShopMar 2012

Apple peeling machine

Effective 3-in-1 aluminium apple peeler, corer and slicing machine, also suitable for pears.


88%ShopApr 2012

Ion iCade Arcade

What started off as an April Fool's joke on ThinkGeek turned out to be so popular it became a real product.

88%ShopSep 2011


The alphabet as you've never seen it.

88%ShopNov 2013

The Marshall Fridge

Marshall have actually made a fridge that you can buy. How cool is that?


87%ShopSep 2011

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 quadcopter

Control with iPhone.

87%ShopSep 2011

Gangster cheese grater

Do you like your cheese tough?

87%ShopSep 2011

3D Dolphin Anatomy Puzzle

18-piece 3D puzzle of a dolphin complete with stand and illustrated guidebook

87%ShopAug 2011

Replica 1966 Batmobile

Holy attention to detail! Officially licensed 1966 Batmobile replica, littered with every bat-gadget conceivable.

87%ShopMar 2011

50 Foot Snowball Launcher

Long range advantage for snowball fights.

87%ShopNov 2011

Air Swimmers Clown Fish

Radio controlled Air Swimmers Clown Fish really do swim through the air. This ingenious balloon is propelled by its sideways-moving tail.