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95%VideoAug 2012

The Newsroom - American Taliban

(6:12) Many a true word spoken in fiction. From Episode 10 of American drama TV show "The Newsroom" by Aaron Sorkin.


94%VideoSep 2012

Campaign to save a beautiful, busy, award-winning library

(2:53) Politics can work if you're smart.


94%VideoJul 2013

Bill Maher - Tea Party porn

(3:00) GOP candidate for Colorado Springs Jaxine Bubis also writes porn under the pseudonym Jaxine Daniels. Bill Maher reads a sample from her book 'Beantown Heat'.


92%VideoSep 2011

Tea Party crowd boo Ron Paul for saying we shouldn't blame all Muslims

Did Ron Paul blow his chances as Republican leader at the CNN Republican presidential debate?


88%VideoAug 2011

What Christopher Hitchens thinks of the Tea Party

Stupid and silly, but dangerous grown-ups trying to deal with a very real anxiety, the decline of the United States and the white folk within. Christopher Hitchens put it rather better when he describes the "no-nothing isolationist" approach of the Tea Party.


88%VideoMay 2013

Interviews from Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' Rally in 2010

(9:51) Points of views from Tea Partiers at the Restoring Honor rally on August 28, 2010 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.


88%VideoOct 2013

Bill Moyers - Peter Dreier on a new generation of activists

(32.48) American professor of politics Peter Drier on why he’s optimistic about America’s future, shining a spotlight on grass roots initiatives around the country.


88%VideoJan 2011

Chris Matthews rips Tea Party founder and 'balloon head' Michele Bachmann

Hardball host Chris Matthews attacks Tea Party co-founder Sal Russo for making Michele Bachmann the Tea Party's spokesperson after she demonstrated stunning ignorance of American history. Or is there a hidden agenda? A perfect example of a politician being a politician. It's like a comb-over - it doesn't fool anyone, it just looks ridiculous and highlights the problem.


87%VideoOct 2010

Training Tea Party activists in guerilla internet tactics

Don't bother thinking, just thumb it down. Austin James of American Majority shows Tea Party activists how to control the online dialogue.


87%VideoSep 2011

Are Republicans pro-life or pro-death?

When audience members at recent Republican presidential debates cheered executing 234 people in Texas and letting the uninsured die from lack of medical care, it raised questions about the hypocrisy of conservative Christians and small government Tea Party libertarians in the Republican Party