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94%AnimationMar 2013

Wealth inequality in America

(6:24) Reality is often not what we think it is.


94%AnimationMar 2015

How a bean becomes a fart

(1:03) Have you ever wondered how this happens?

93%VideoApr 2010

The Beast File - Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse

From Hungry Beast: Contrary to Pope Benedict's assertion that the immorality of modern society is to blame for sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests, the church's own historical documents reveal that sexual abuse has been a problem that the Catholic Church has failed to properly deal with since its earliest days. The Church's first official document referring to the problem of sexual abusing children was in the year 60 AD. All of the documents referred to in this piece are real and have b


92%AnimationDec 2012

US debt visualized in $100 bills

(2:11) What does $16 trillion look like?


92%VideoApr 2011

Marijuana: know the facts

Spoilt only by the lack of sources and the need to frequently use the pause button. Animation by Perogi Face backed by Dave Brubeck quartet playing Take 5.


91%VideoApr 2014

Numberphile - The greatest infographic of all time

(6:19) Infographics are not new. In 1862, Charles Minard created a much-praised infographic depicting Napoleon's invasion of Russia in 1812.

89%AnimationMay 2012

2010 Gulf oil spill animated infographic

(2:00) The Deepwater Horizon oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 released 205 million gallons of oil. This animated infographic by Chris Harmon illustrates how much 205 million gallons really is.


88%PictureMay 2010

California is going to pot

Infographic measuring the economic impact of marijuana legalisation on The Golden State


88%PictureSep 2012

The failed war on drugs

Since 1970, the US has spent $1 trillion on the war on drugs. That's $793 per second, or $25 billion per year. Infographic continues with more stunning facts.


88%AnimationApr 2013

Global Wealth Inequality

(3:52) If you thought the US was bad, how about the rest of the world?