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93%VideoAug 2011

DC Shoes and Ken Block - Gymkhana 4: The Hollywood Megamercial

(9:16) Hollywood, drifting and trainers. Rally driver Ken Block takes a massive spin through Universal Studios in California. Directed by Ben "Zombieland" Conrad.


91%VideoSep 2010

Ken Block - Ultimate Playground

Gymkhana (pronounced similar to 'Jim Conner') is a rally car race around a course in an open urban space. To demonstrate Gymkhana at its best, Ken Block has found the ultimate playground, l'autodrome de Linas-Montlhery in France. Built in 1924, it features a 1.58 mile oval track with steep banks.


90%VideoSep 2009

Ken Block comes to Silverstone to launch Dirt 2

Members of the public become passenger victims to his high speed antics


89%VideoNov 2008

Ken Block Gymkhana testing and practice

Rally driver manoeuvres his Subaru around the Gymkhana course avoiding obstacles including a Segway driver minding his own business.


88%VideoApr 2009

Ken Block and the DC snowboard team

Subaru rally car and the snowboard team in the hills of New Zealand


88%VideoJan 2014

Ken Block micro gymkhana

(3:00) HPI Racing's RC tribute to pro-rally driver Ken Block's Gymkhana 6.


87%VideoDec 2007

Ken Block jumps 171ft. in his Subaru

Shot for the Discovery Channel's show 'Stunt Junkies'


86%VideoNov 2012

Ken Block's race car on fire, but does he give-a-f*ck!?

(2:04) Keep calm and carry on. Pro rally driver Ken Block leads the first five laps at Global Rally Cross SEMA despite smoke and flames from his gearbox.


85%VideoDec 2009

Ken Block in the world's fastest snow cat

DC co-founder and rally team driver has joined with Subaru to make the worlds fastest cat track operation automobile for backcountry access for snowboarding


73%VideoApr 2008

Adrenaline - Subaru WRX STI commercial with crash footage

Two decades of footage from around the world with Pastrana, Block and McCrae driving their cars like they are meant to be driven