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87%VideoOct 2017

River of plastic waste runs through Guatemala


87%VideoFeb 2018

Norway's solution to recycling plastic

(1:18) The world has a problem with plastic. This is how Norway's plastic bottle recycling scheme works.


87%VideoMay 2018

Mushrooms that eat plastic

(1:00) The future of food may involve recycling and a lot of mushrooms.

86%VideoJul 2008

Greener plastics that use CO2

Using carbon dioxide as an ingredient in plastics could help reduce the use of fossil fuels


86%VideoJun 2011

Bank of Canada introduces plastic cash

Canada's new polymer bank notes are secure, durable and innovative. The security features are extensive and designed to be easy to check, if you know what to look for.


86%VideoJul 2010

Zooming into plastic (polyethylene)

From plastic fish to the edge of visibility, magnifying an everyday plastic four million times


86%VideoAug 2010

Plastics at SEA Expedition trawls Atlantic Ocean

Sea Education Association (SEA) provide an educational program taking students cruising on a sailing ship to learn about the sea. On this expedition, they sample the North Atlantic for plastics, an all too easy affair.

86%VideoFeb 2018

Our waste has reached the now-not-so pristine Arctic

(2:13) In the northern fjords of Norway, one man is on a mission to pick up as much plastic as he can.


85%VideoSep 2007

Alphabet Soup

Plastic waste contaminating our oceans

85%AnimationApr 2008

Waterbottle Waterfall

Computer animation comparing the US rate of plastic water bottle recycling to the non recycled