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92%VideoApr 2008

Boris Johnson drives Paxman around the bend

Mayoral candidate refuses to answer a question about how much his new fleet of Routemaster buses would cost


84%PictureOct 2008

Son of Routemaster

The announcement of the winner of the mayor of London's competition for the design of a new London bus is just around the corner. Can any of these match up to London's much-loved original?


66%VideoMay 2010

A new bus for London

London's mayor Boris Johnson has unveiled the winning design for London's new Routemaster bus. He is on his way to fulfilling a manifesto pledge he gave when he ran for London mayor. Hop-on/off rear platform, three doors, two staircases, green hybrid technology, all encased in traditional London red.


54%PictureDec 2007

Autocar plan emission free Routemaster

London Buses verdict: design failed to address safety issues