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92%VideoMay 2012

Penn Jillette attacks Obama for his position on drugs

(5:07) During an episode of "Penn's Sunday School", an angry Penn Jillette noted that Obama would not be president had he been caught and charged for his admitted drug use under the current drug laws that he condones.

92%VideoOct 2011

Capitalism hits the fan

Lecture on the economic meltdown. American economist Professor Richard Wolff breaks down the root causes of today's economic crisis, showing how it was decades in the making and in fact reflects seismic and systemic failures within American-style capitalism as a whole.


90%VideoJan 2011

How Chinese politics students see America and the West

(5:34) International politics students at Renmin University in Beijing give a different point of view on democracy, Western values and superpowers.


89%VideoNov 2012

Interviews with Romney supporters

(8:31) Election observers believe that Ohio is the state most likely to decide who becomes the next President of the United States. These interviews were conducted with voters at a Romney rally in Defiance, Ohio.


89%VideoOct 2011

What is wrong with modern capitalism?

(11:27) Immanuel Wallerstein, American sociologist and expert in world affairs, talks to Russia Today about how modern capitalism has reached the end of its life, and the crisis we are going through now is much wider than an economic crash.

88%VideoJun 2016

Political revolution will not be suspended

(2:43) Cenk Uygur reacts to Bernie Sanders' national live stream address on June 16, 2016.

88%VideoAug 2013

Matt Damon on Edward Snowden

(1:11) Matt Damon talks to Sam Asi on BBC Arabic's "Alternative Cinema" about what Edward Snowden did.


88%VideoNov 2012

The problem with mainstream media

(3:38) Cenk Uygur criticises the establishment media for being soft on facts when reporting the news.


88%VideoOct 2012

Chris Matthews reacts to Obama's debating performance

(3:03) After Obama's lacklustre performance at the first of the presidential debates against Mitt Romney, MSNBC's Hardball host Chris Matthews almost had a nervous breakdown.


88%VideoJul 2012

Spectators react to Danny Boyle's London 2012 Opening Ceremony

(1:36) Conservative MP Aidan Burley didn't like the show. He described it as "leftie multicultural crap". What did you think?