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95%VideoApr 2016

Marine iguanas

(1:46) Godzillas of the seas.


93%VideoMar 2017

Stan & Romeo are friends

(1:27) Stan is a bulldog, Romeo an iguana.


90%VideoNov 2016

Iguana vs Snakes - Planet Earth II

(2:16) Hatchling marine iguana attacked by snakes hunting on mass.


89%VideoJun 2012

Sneezing free-diving iguanas

(4:02) The Galapagos Islands in the Pacific are well known for their high number of endemic species (species native only to the islands). Isolation has evolved some strange survival routines.

88%VideoJun 2014

Lizard thinks it's a dog



88%VideoOct 2017

Iguana spotted 4 miles offshore


88%VideoDec 2017

Buddy, the best iguana in the world


87%VideoAug 2011

Gomez, unflappable iguana

Guided tour of a well behaved iguana from Belize

87%VideoAug 2011

Lounge lizards

(6:18) Sitting comfortably? Henry Lizardlover displays his three best behaved lizards at a cafe in Larchmont Village, Hollywood in California. www.henrylizardlover.com


87%VideoMar 2014

Iguana interrupts the 2014 Puerto Rico Open

(0:36) In the final round of the 2014 Puerto Rico Open, an iguana tries to steal Andrew Loupe's ball.