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96%VideoSep 2014

Matterhorn - Walking on the Razor's Edge

(0:47) More than 500 climbers have died on the Matterhorn since the first ascent in 1865.


96%VideoAug 2014

Flash flood, Illgraben in Switzerland

(2:14) July 28, 2014: Debris coming down the mountain following torrential rain in the Alps.


94%VideoApr 2013

Climbers witness a massive landslide in the French Alps



94%VideoJan 2015

Candide Thovex - Ski Run

(5:03) French pro skier Candide Thovex has another one of those days on the mountains of resort Le Relais du Val Blanc in France.


94%VideoDec 2017

Eagle over the French Alps



94%VideoAug 2015

Five Peaks Speed Mountain Running

(3:10) Mountain runner Andreas Steindl crosses five 4000m peaks from Zermatt to Saas Fee in Switzerland.


94%VideoDec 2015

Spectacular rock slide captured in Switzerland

(1:47) Rock slide in the Valaisan community of Evolene, Switzerland.


94%VideoAug 2017

World's longest pedestrian suspension bridge opens in Swizerland

(0:47) A walk in the Swiss Alps with breathtaking views, but not for the faint-hearted.


89%VideoApr 2011

Matthias Giraud's avalanche cliff jump

With the growing popularity of HD headcams, some once-in-a-lifetime experiences can now be captured for all of us to enjoy. This is one such time. Matthias Giraud and Stefan leap off a cliff chased by an avalanche! Outside of Bond, it doesn't get much more exciting than this.


88%VideoMay 2012

Dark, mysterious Austria

(10:12) With roles reversed, a team of African scientists travel to the darkest regions of the Eastern Alps to observe the habits and rituals of the natives.