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86%VideoAug 2010

Levi's - Go forth, go work

Filmed on location and starring residents of Braddock, PA, a city which has been in severe economic decline. Since the nineties, Levi's have been manufactured outside of the US. Levi's history is also littered with scandals involving poor pay and conditions for its workers.


86%VideoMar 2018

You're not dreaming, a porn star is suing a US president

(7:12) Stephen Colbert catches up on the storm brewing between future chief-of-staff Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump.

86%VideoMar 2018

The greatest paralympic scandal of all time

(13:22) In the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney, Spain decided to hit the basketball court with a team of non-disabled players.

73%VideoJul 2007

Chinese Baozi bun scandal

Steamed meat bun made of corrugated cardboard