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97%VideoSep 2014

Beautiful Scotland



96%VideoJun 2013

The volcanoes of Hawaii

(3:01) Time-lapse video captures the awesome dynamic landscapes of the Hawaiian islands, the most southern American state.


96%VideoAug 2015

The Chase

(5:57) The stunning result of two weeks storm chasing.

96%VideoJun 2014

Planetary Panoramas - 360 degree night sky

(4:11) Stunning 360 degree night sky time-lapse by photographer Vincent Brady.

96%VideoMay 2014

Awakening - New Zealand 4K

(4:26) First part of a time-lapse series through the changing landscapes of New Zealand.

95%VideoJan 2012

Time is Nothing

(4:49) Around the world in 343 days.

95%VideoAug 2014

High-speed canyon jet ski POV

(2:04) Jet ski explores Mountain Sheep Canyon, Lake Powell in Arizona.


95%VideoMay 2014

Supercells over Climax

(2:57) May 10, 2014: Time-lapse cinematography of the structured supercell outbreak near Climax, Kansas

95%VideoJul 2015

Icelandic fog waterfall

(1:25) Fog flows off the cliffs of Latrabjarg in Iceland.


95%VideoSep 2014

Flying over active volcano in Iceland

(2:51) Bardarbunga is Iceland's largest volcano. It has been rumbling to a worrying degree threatening to blow its top, as Eyjafjallajokull did in 2010.