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95%VideoMay 2013

High school kid schools teacher, like a boss!

(1:28) Who's teaching who? High school student Jeff Bliss gives a piece of his mind before walking out of class.


94%VideoNov 2017

Homemade science with Bruce Yeany - Marble tracks

(7:10) Science teacher Bruce Yeany demonstrates some motion physics with a set of marble tacks.

93%VideoNov 2009

Halloween maths class at Biola University 2009

Teacher mixes with video and live action to entertaining effect


93%VideoOct 2012

How to say 'Huygens' the Dutch way

(1:07) Professor takes a detour into the pronunciation of 'Huygens' while explaining Huygen's Principle to his physics students.


93%VideoJun 2007

Taylor Mali on what teachers make

Slam poet gives a piece of his mind


93%VideoMar 2012

The Young Turks look at Finland's revolutionary education system

(5:26) Finland's education system had been performing very badly until about 30 years ago, when they decided to completely rethink their approach.


92%VideoApr 2010

April Fools prank by maths teacher's shadow

Students in a maths class at Biola University get a treat to start off their Easter break


92%VideoSep 2007

Taylor Mali - Def poetry season 2

Talking about the use of 'like' and 'you know'


92%VideoApr 2015

Teacher plays April Fool's prank on maths class

(2:11) Maths teacher gets his trigonometry help video all wrong.


91%PictureMar 2009

Teacher argues that a kilometre is longer than a mile

Kid gets detention because teacher stretches the truth