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96%VideoMar 2013

Richard Dawkins justifies faith in science

(1:26) Richard Dawkins is asked how he would justify that scientific evidence is the basis for finding the truth.


96%VideoFeb 2014

Rightist man confronts Noam Chomsky

(5:46) From a lecture at Boston University entitled: Noam Chomsky Lectures on Modern-Day American Imperialism: Middle East and Beyond.


88%VideoMar 2013

Bill Nye, how do you tie a bow tie?

(2:05) 14 March 2013: When Bill Nye came to the University of Ottawa, he was asked an unexpected question - how do you tie a bow tie?

87%VideoAug 2011

The most common misconception about chemistry

Chemicals have acquired a bad reputation, quite unfairly considering that almost everything is a chemical. Professors from Nottingham University put the record straight.


87%VideoNov 2017

The National - Climate change Q&A with Bob McDonald

(19:56) Science journalist Bob McDonald takes questions on climate change.

87%VideoNov 2017

Bill Gates - Robotic warfare, AI and cheating death

(6:05) Bill Gates answers questions on Q&A.

86%VideoJan 2012

Santorum equates gay marriage equality with polygamy

(2:09) Conservative Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum gets himself into an illogical pickle after a student asks him about his pet hate, gay marriage.


72%VideoFeb 2012

Why spend money on NASA?

(5:32) Bad Astronomer Phil Plait answers a common concern for many well-meaning people - "Why spend money on NASA when we need that money here on Earth?"