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94%VideoNov 2011

Joe Rogan on cops and Occupy Wall Street

Police are people, and their job is to serve and protect. Or more specifically, to serve nice people and protect against douchebags.


94%VideoMar 2013

Joe Rogan on human potential

(2:13) We are evolving away from our animal instincts rooted in "fight or flight", to a more enlightened approach to survival - helping each other.


94%AnimationDec 2013

Joe Rogan on why marijuana is illegal

(4:23) American comedian and writer Joe Rogan talks about how pot became illegal.


94%VideoSep 2014

Joe Rogan - American War Machine

(9:37) Joe Rogan's podcast on the state of the world today.


94%VideoFeb 2015

Joe Rogan - Society Trap

(6:03) Especially thought-provoking clip from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast #389 with comedian Brian Redban.


91%VideoApr 2009

Joe Rogan talks about marijuana and DMT

American comedian thinks all plants should be legal and talks about the most illegal psychedelic drug in America that's a portal to the afterlife


88%AnimationAug 2011

Joe Rogan - The Stoned Ape Theory

(5:44) American comedian Joe Rogan talks about Terence McKenna's "Stoned Ape Theory" which proposes that magic mushrooms were instrumental in the development of the ape/human brain, certainly a fascinating idea. Terence McKenna (1946 - 2000) was an Irish-American philosopher and writer on many subjects such as human consciousness, psychedelic drugs, evolution of civilisations and the origin and the end of the universe. From a podcast with Redban and Jon Lajoie.

88%VideoOct 2011

Joe Rogan's views on Occupy Wall Street

(7:23) OWS is the beginning of something huge. Comedian Joe Rogan gives his thoughts on Occupy Wall Street.

88%VideoMar 2015

Joe Rogan on invisible aliens, string theory, and more

(21:30) Abby Martin and Joe Rogan discuss everything from aliens communicating with Earth, to marijuana legalisation.


88%VideoNov 2015

Joe Rogan vs Milo Yiannopoulos on Christianity

(3:35) Everywhere that doesn't have a Christian heritage is a fucked up place, according to gay British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos.