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96%VideoSep 2012

What do you think makes a woman want to have an abortion?

(1:49) In a interview with Al Jazeera, Ohio legislator Jim Bushy says that ideally he would want there to be no legal abortion at all in Ohio, except to save a woman's life.

96%VideoDec 2014

Pregnant woman blasts anti-abortion protesters

(3:12) A pregnant woman passerby blasts anti-abortion protesters outside a clinic in London.


96%VideoNov 2012

TYT - Cenk goes ballistic over fundamentalist religion

(2:24) Host of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur responds to a story about a woman who died because she was denied an abortion.


93%VideoOct 2011

Where does Herman Cain stand on abortion?

Confused 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, confuses Jon Stossel over his stance on abortion. Legal and illegal at the same time, is this a case of quantum weirdness?


92%VideoAug 2012

TYT - Republican candidate compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin and Mao!

(3:14) "History has a way of repeating itself: Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung and now Obama!!!" wrote Republican candidate Dr Marisha Agana on Twitter.


90%VideoApr 2010

Doug Stanhope - Abortion is green

Charlie Brooker's Newswipe - Fucking will go out of style according to US stand-up Doug Stanhope


88%VideoSep 2011

Atheist claims people who believe in heaven are idiots

Kate Smurthwaite of the National Secular Society ruffles the religious when she implies they are idiots for believing in heaven. From British TV show "The Big Questions".


88%VideoFeb 2012

Ron Paul - Honest rape

(2:52) Piers Morgan asks Ron Paul, if one of his granddaughters was raped and impregnated, would he sanction an abortion?


88%VideoJan 2015

What should happen to women who have illegal abortions?

(6:49) Anti-abortion demonstrators in Libertyville are asked what the punishment should be for women who got abortions, if abortion was illegal.


88%VideoSep 2015

Bernie Sanders responds to abortion question

(4:55) Speaking at Liberty University in Virginia, the world's largest evangelical Christian university in the world, Bernie Sanders explains his position on abortion.