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96%VideoOct 2011

Rottweiler rescues chihuahua from coyote

(0:26) Thank dog for that! A meaty rottweiler comes to the aid of his little chihuahua friend.

93%VideoNov 2011

Chihuahua plays pool

This is Amadeus, the world's smallest pool player

91%VideoAug 2013

Yoga workout with a chihuahua

(1:36) Cute Italian chihuahua prefers yoga to walkies.

87%VideoOct 2014

Chihuahua plays dead very well

(1:33) "Dad's dog hates Daniel and barks constantly at him. He is also scared to death when Daniel gets him. This is what happens."

87%VideoJan 2013

Tiger cub and chihuahua

(3:07) Tiger cub gets his footing as he plays with a really annoying chihuahua.

87%PictureDec 2008

Dog meets a dinosaur

Baking at extinction

86%VideoAug 2007

World's Ugliest Dog of 2007

'Elwood' the Chinese crested Chihuahua wins paws down

86%VideoNov 2010

Japanese police recruit chihuahua

You might be thinking OMG, even the Japanese police have got into WTF! But actually chihuahuas on the front line is not such a daft idea.

85%VideoNov 2008

Assertive Chihuahua: Don't lick me there

Best friend the cat gets a little too friendly

75%VideoJul 2013

Meet Billy, rescued from a puppy mill

(3:19) Meet Billy, a chihuahua rescued from a North Carolina puppy mill.