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96%VideoOct 2012

AronRa in conversation with a Christian protester at an atheist convention

(22:45) Outspoken atheist AronRa interviewed by Thicky Thickman from Thicktown, Thickania.


94%VideoJun 2011

Transitional forms, so where are they?

(10:30) Creationism claims that if evolution were true, we should find transitional forms (sometimes called the missing link) - one animal transforming into another - half chicken, half crocodile, or half cockroach, half blue-whale. This is the story of the hunt for transitional forms, that if found, would be yet more strong evidence that evolution is in fact they way that life has come about.


92%VideoMay 2010

AronRa draws Muhammad on Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

God is love, so in reading the Bible, the word of God, I expected to find divine wisdom. AronRa explains why he came to support Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.


90%VideoOct 2011

A Conversation with AronRa - The raw, unedited interview

(13:50) YouTube atheist AronRa talks about how he misunderstood religion, and had to walk away when he saw the true nature of faith.


63%VideoJul 2015

AronRa - Is it rational to believe in god?

(16:32) Atheist youtuber AronRa responds to Prager University's video "God vs. Atheism: Which is More Rational?".