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96%VideoDec 2013

Teenage Elvis impersonator performs 'Blue Christmas'

(2:25) David Thibault sings to gobsmacked radio station staff at CKOI in Quebec.

94%VideoJun 2008

John McCain sings Blue Screen Shoes

Entry into the Colbert 'Make John McCain more interesting' challenge


93%VideoApr 2007

My Way

Performances from Ol' Blue Eyes to Sid Vicious


93%VideoJan 2013

Elvis in the depot

(2:23) Elvis impersonator helps out the Welsh council of Torfaen as the snow flies.


90%VideoJun 2009

George Carlin on the King of Pop

The late great American stand-up comedian puts down the likes of Elvis and Sinatra in favour of Jackson in his idiosyncratic way


89%VideoApr 2007

American Idol - Celine Dion duets with Elvis

No need to dream, 1968 is back

89%PictureJul 2008

Elvis busted

Suspicious minds disbelieve but the 2000 year old relic is a dead ringer of the King


89%VideoMar 2008

The plight of the Elvis impersonator

Short educational film about how Elvis impersonators sadly remain victims of stereotype and prejudice


88%VideoApr 2012

Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley rap battle

(2:17) Jacko and Elvis are pitted against each other in another 'Epic Rap Battle of History'.

88%VideoJan 2014

Ella sings Elvis Presley's 'An American Trilogy'

(5:41) Only 20 months old and Ella Mae is already a big fan of Elvis and her Daddy.