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93%VideoJan 2012

Oil barons threaten President Obama

(7:16) "Allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, or face huge political consequences". That's the message from head of the American Petroleum Institute Jack Gerard to President Barack Obama.


88%VideoDec 2013

Thom Hartmann - The Crash of 2016

(19:32) Political commentator Thom Hartmann discusses the possibility of the US facing another economic crash.


88%VideoFeb 2016

The dirty war to stop solar power

(6:56) Brendan Fischer joins Thom Hartmann to discuss how the wealthy elite are trying to prevent the growth of rooftop solar power.

88%VideoApr 2016

Greenpeace looks into Hillary's connections to fossil fuel industry

(8:08) Is the Sanders campaign lying about Hillary Clinton taking money from the fossil fuel industry?


88%VideoApr 2016

Mass extinction is happening faster than we think

(3:55) The science is getting scary.

87%VideoNov 2011

Thom Hartmann - Time to go local

(6:32) How a city thrives, or dies. American radio host and progressive political commentator Thom Hartmann says the answer to saving our economy is to go local.


87%VideoApr 2013

Tar sands means game over for the planet!

(11:22) Bill McKibben of and Anthony Swift of the Natural Resource Defense Council join Thom Hartmann to discuss the recent oil spill in Arkansas and how this might affect the Keystone XL Pipeline.


87%VideoAug 2015

Jimmy Carter: The United States is an oligarchy

(1:26) In the closing moments of a phone interview with Thom Hartmann, former US president Jimmy Carter described the US political system as oligarchy.

87%VideoJan 2016

RT - Methane leak triggers state of emergency in California

(11:13) A massive methane leak outside of LA has sent 80,000 tons of methane into the atmosphere since October 2015. So why has California waited over two months to declare a state of emergency?


87%VideoFeb 2016

Economist explains why economy would soar under Bernie Sanders

(10:19) American economist Gerald Friedman explains how Bernie's plan to spend trillions can boost the economy.