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94%VideoSep 2014

The truth about Beats by Dre

(6:28) Can headphones so cool really be that rubbish? Vlogger and tech reviewer Marques Brownlee re-evaluates Beats by Dre.


90%VideoOct 2012

Baby squirrel chews an iNut

(1:10) A baby squirrel learns that not all nuts are equal.

87%ShopMay 2012

Jawbone noise-cancelling headphones

Demonstrating the effectiveness of Aliph's Jawbone noise-cancelling headphones for bluetooth mobiles.

87%VideoJul 2014

Normal: One size fits none

(1:58) Very un-normal ad for 3D printed-to-measure earphones by Normal.

85%VideoMay 2011

Louder dubstep

Don't pump up the volume. Music: DJ Fresh - Louder (Doctor P & Flux Pavilion Remix)


85%PictureJan 2011

Female DJs, how to be successful in a man's world


85%PictureJul 2014

Can I listen?

Can you write a better caption?


84%VideoApr 2007

Your own private surround sound

Escape into another world without disturbing anyone

84%VideoFeb 2012

Audio-Technica - Solid Bass Dubstep

(3:49) Audio-Technica's Solid Bass headphones power dubstepper Marquese Scott back to life.

80%PictureJul 2008

Bling things

When all that glitters matters