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86%VideoOct 2017

Questions about SpaceX's BFR concept

(7:19) Elon Musk announced the updated BFR design and I saw a lot of people questioning it.

86%AnimationNov 2017

Augmented windows for Hyperloop

(1:33) How do you look outside the window of a windowless capsule?


86%AnimationDec 2017

How airline seats have shrunk over the years

(2:36) Have you noticed the seat in front of you creeping closer and closer to your knees?


86%VideoJan 2018

Bunny breakout on Japanese island

(2:12) Visit to the Japanese island of Okunoshima where bunnies have been left to do what they do best.


76%VideoJun 2017

10 airport design secrets you probably don't know about

(9:44) Everything in a modern airport has a purpose.


73%VideoNov 2012

Roadtrip USA

(3:30) San Francisco to New York, boyfriend and girlfriend, 2 weeks, 3,000 miles, 5,000 photos, all in 3 minutes.


68%VideoJun 2014

Around the World in 360 Degrees

(2:59) Alex Chacon's 3-year epic selfie. 600 days travelling the world with a GoPro on a stick.


64%VideoJan 2015

What does adventure mean to you?

(3:33) This is what it means to British filmmaker Louis Cole.


53%VideoSep 2015

25 things that visitors will find most surprising about the US

(7:20) The United States is an often misunderstood country. Almost everybody in the world has a different point of view.