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97%VideoAug 2014

Obesity PSA - Rewind the future

(1:42) You are what you eat. Obesity is a growing problem, usually the result of bad habits, bad choices and bad nutrition.

97%VideoSep 2014

Doug Stanhope on nationalism

(5:53) Hellraising American stand-up comedian Doug Stanhope takes a pot at nationalism.


97%VideoNov 2015

Prince EA - Man vs Earth

(5:27) What have homo sapiens done in 3 seconds?

97%VideoMar 2016

Hillary Clinton vs Bernie Sanders - Fracking

(3:38) A question on fracking highlighted the difference between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders' positions.


97%VideoAug 2012

Morphing tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

(3:24) From YT: "This is a video tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on achieving 60 years as the constitutional monarch of the Commonwealth realms, and head of the Commonwealth of Nations, head of state of the Crown dependencies and British Overseas Territories, Supreme Governor of the Church of England and in many of her realms she carries the title Defender of the Faith."


97%VideoAug 2012

The Romney-Ryan economic plan

(2:55) Consequences of the Romney-Ryan economic plan and why it would be a disaster for America, according to political economist Robert Reich.


97%VideoOct 2012

Spanish police spiral out of control

(5:52) Coming to a town near you? Pretty clear evidence of Spain's police state run riot. Next video shows an 'incident' in Madrid when protesters for once got the upper hand.


97%VideoJan 2013

We Are Atheism - Matt Dillahunty on how he became an atheist

(13:15) Matt Dillahunty describes his journey from being a true Christian to an atheist with a mission to explain and challenge the absurdities of religion.


97%VideoJun 2013

Irish politician calls Obama "hypocrite of the century"

(5:51) June 19, 2013: Irish politician Clare Daly slams President Obama and calls him a "war criminal" in a blistering speech in the Irish Parliament following the conclusion of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland.


97%VideoDec 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year

(0:37) The American tradition of Black Friday marks the beginning of that most wonderful time called Christmas.