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87%VideoJun 2015

Range Rover remote control

(1:57) Not quite what Bond had in Tomorrow Never Dies.


87%VideoOct 2015

Tesla Autopilot saves the day


87%VideoMay 2016

Sleeping Tesla driver on Autopilot

(0:22) Tesla's Autopilot requires the driver to always monitor the vehicle and be ready to take control.


87%VideoSep 2016

Uber's autonomous car

(2:43) Uber are testing self-driving cars in Pittsburg.

87%VideoNov 2016

Airbus to launch autonomous flying taxi

(1:48) Testing for CityAirbus, a futuristic alternative to crossing a city at ground level, is scheduled to begin in 2017.


87%VideoNov 2016

What a Tesla "sees" in self-drive mode

(3:28) Take a ride in a Tesla with full self-driving hardware.


87%VideoJan 2017

White House predicts all driving jobs will be automated

(10:53) Jimmy Dore is skeptical.


87%VideoMar 2017

TEDtalks - What a driverless world could look like


87%AnimationApr 2017

Airbus autonomous car/drone hybrid concept

(2:03) Airbus and Italdesign present Pop.Up, a modular passenger vehicle system to relieve traffic congestion.

87%VideoApr 2017

The future of driverless trucks

(6:55) Imagining the future of the vast trucking industry that will become autonomous in the coming years.