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94%VideoOct 2011

Midnight sun, Iceland

(4:11) The midnight sun is a natural phenomenon during the summer months north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle where the sun never fully sets.


94%VideoJan 2012

New Year's Eve - London (2011/2012)

(11:28) The best London fireworks yet? BBC enhance the show with a particularly British soundtrack.


93%VideoApr 2011

Venice backstage

(18:15) How does Venice work? A fascinating account on how the city has evolved and is maintained.


93%VideoJun 2011

Seagull steals camera

(1:41) A tourist gets his GoPro camera stolen by a seagull at Cannes Castle in Cannes, France.


93%VideoJan 2012

Common cranes fly over Venice

(1:41) Bird's eye view of Venice from a flock of common cranes overflying the city. The birds have been hand-reared to fly alongside a microlight to capture these incredible images.

93%VideoJan 2008

Swiss Air bumpy landing at London City Airport

(0:19) Strong crosswinds make for a treacherous touchdown on the afternoon of 17th January, 2008.


93%VideoApr 2011

Knuffingen Airport

(2:54) Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany is the world's largest model railway, and very impressive it is too. But now they've added an airport, with incoming and outgoing flights!


92%VideoFeb 2012

R/C plane's eye view of Germany

(7:49) Onboard an R/C plane ducking and diving through the German landscape.


92%VideoJun 2011

London: What song are you listening to?

(6:13) After Ty Cullen's success in New York, he visits London to find out what Londoners are listening to.


90%VideoJun 2009

Design classic, the London tube map

(4:32) Harry Beck an engineering draftsman created the first diagrammatic map of the Underground in 1931 rejecting true geography.