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90%VideoApr 2009

The Beatles, LCD Soundsystem, The Kinks mashup

Audio and video edited by FAROFF


90%VideoOct 2010

Denny Dent paints John Lennon

Tribute to John Lennon on his 48th birthday. Performance artist Denny Dent turns his grief into a live speed-painting portrait of his truly inspirational idol, John Lennon.


90%VideoJun 2013

Dad and son duet - Don't Let Me Down

(1:24) A father and his son play The Beatles 'Don't Let Me Down'.


89%VideoFeb 2008

Paul McCartney on the Chris Farley Show

Clearing up a few old myths


89%VideoFeb 2009

Blame Ringo - Garble Arch (A Day in the Life of Abbey Road)

First single by indie folk-rock band originally billed as 'Goodnight Vienna' but had to change its name after being threatened by legal action by Richard Starkey Jr. (aka Ringo Starr)


89%VideoMay 2006

Give Brian a chance

Art critic Brian Sewell embraces John and Yoko

89%AnimationMar 2007

The Beatles - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Psychedelic trip with a girl with kaleidoscope eyes


89%VideoFeb 2008

The Beatles - All You Need Is Love

Written by John Lennon/Paul McCartney (1967)


89%AnimationJul 2008

I Met The Walrus

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fan Jerry Levitan, got into John Lennon's hotel room in Toronto and convinced Lennon to do an interview. He has now produced a film about it with director Josh Raskin, pen work by James Braithwaite and digital illustration by Alex Kurina.


89%VideoApr 2012

Smart-ass John Lennon interview from 1964

(1:27) The Beatles interviewed when they came to Stockholm, Sweden in 1964. Smart-ass John Lennon was in mischievous mood.