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92%VideoMar 2012

Galloping robot sets speed record

(0:58) Demonstration of 'Cheetah' galloping at speeds up to 18 mph, setting a new land speed record for legged robots.


88%VideoOct 2012

AtlasProto walking the gauntlet

(0:48) Anthropomorphic robot AtlasProto tests its ability to cover an obstacle course that includes crossing a snake pit.


88%VideoSep 2014

Bad ass autonomous military robots are here

(6:17) DARPA was established in 1958 to prevent strategic surprise from negatively impacting US national security.


88%VideoFeb 2015

Jet fighters to launch satellites cheaper than ever

(2:31) DARPA program that could one day could allow affordable, routine, and reliable access to space.

88%VideoAug 2015

Robots meet at DARPA Robotics Challenge 2015

(3:28) The beginnings of Skynet.


87%VideoApr 2012

Robot masters stairs

(2:05) Not the smoothest of operators, but getting there. Boston Dynamics test a walking robot that will compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge.


87%VideoAug 2012

DARPA's Captive Air Amphibious Transporter (CAAT)

(1:03) Testing a 1/5 scale demonstrator of the Captive Air Amphibious Transporter (CAAT), designed for disaster relief duties.

87%VideoJan 2015

Building a better bullet

(1:26) Code-named EXACTO, the US military is developing a smart bullet, which if it works, will steer itself to the target like a guided missile.

86%VideoSep 2012

Robot cheetah runs faster than Usain Bolt

(1:17) DARPA's Cheetah robot smashed its own land speed record of 18 mph with a speed of 28.3 mph.


86%VideoDec 2012

LS3 follow tight

(4:04) Follow the leader, at least for now. Researchers from DARPA's LS3 program demonstrated new advances in the LS3's control, stability and manoeuvrability, "Leader Follow" decision making, enhanced roll recovery, exact foot placement over rough terrain, ability to manoeuvre in an urban environment, and verbal command capability.