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89%VideoNov 2007

Crazy Indian video

Subtitles lovingly added by Buffalax


89%VideoMar 2007

Songs of Praise

Brought to you with twisted subtitles


88%VideoApr 2011

A lesson for my Republican colleagues, courtesy of the White Stripes

It's just that you can't just take the effect and make it the cause. Democrat congresswoman Donna Edwards quotes from The White Stripes song 'Effect and Cause'.


88%SoundOct 2013

101 words from Eminem in 16 seconds

(0:21) From 'Rap God' on Eminem's album 'Marshall Mathers LP2'.


87%VideoSep 2009

Two new groovy dancing girls

New version of dance for Daft Punk 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger'


87%VideoOct 2011

Wall Street Spirit

Dan Bull's updating of Radiohead's 'Street Spirit'. Next video is Radiohead playing 'Street Spirit' at Glastonbury.

87%VideoJan 2012

Dramatic reading by Ira David Wood

(3:55) American actor, theatre director and playright Ira David Wood reads some poignant words of wisdom.

87%VideoFeb 2014

"Let It Go" from Disney's Frozen, according to Google Translate

(4:30) Google Translate can destroy a song, yet make you smile in the process.

87%VideoAug 2017

Poor Siri's Bohemian Rhapsody easter egg


86%VideoJan 2010

Peter O'Toole delivers lines that are plainly beneath him

Lyrics from 'Wannabe' by The Spice Girls