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94%VideoMay 2016

Memory card voter fraud exposed

(7:58) Mini election reconstruction with Diebold vote-counting machines to see if the memory cards alone could be hacked.


93%VideoJan 2018

Dan Pena - Global warming is the biggest fraud in history

(5:44) American high-performance business coach​Dan Pena on why global warming is a fraud.


93%VideoOct 2015

Computerphile - Chip & PIN fraud explain

(8:44) Professor of Security Engineering Ross Anderson explains how Chip & PIN cards and machines are being compromised.

92%VideoFeb 2015

Computerphile - Why electronic voting is a terrible idea

(8:20) Voting is centuries old, why can't we move with the times and use our phones, tablets and computers?


91%VideoMay 2018

TYT - Trump dictated his own doctor's note

(11:41) The Young Turks discuss Dr Bornstein's admission that Donald Trump did indeed dictate his own doctor's note.


88%VideoJul 2014

How the markets are rigged against you

(18:59) Some people always win, some people always lose. CBC's Amanda Lang looks at ways the financial system is rigged against the rest of us.


88%VideoSep 2016

Climate Change Politics and Fraud

(8:59) Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss climate change and some of the politics that surrounds it.

88%VideoSep 2016

Elizabeth Warren calls out Wells Fargo CEO

(8:56) Elizabeth Warren tells Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf: You should resign.

88%VideoOct 2016

Election commissioner: They bus people around to vote

(3:52) NYC Democratic Commissioner of the Board of Elections Alan Schulkin admits widespread voter fraud in New York City.


88%VideoNov 2016

Jill Stein: Election recount is about the American people

(7:06) Jill Stein explains her motives for calling for a recount.