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87%VideoJul 2016

Veritasium - The Distraction Economy

(9:14) Why do we need so much news?

87%VideoMar 2017

Veritasium - The uncomfortable effort of thinking

(12:10) If you want to learn, you have to be prepared to be uncomfortable.

87%VideoMar 2017

Veritasium - The original double slit experiment

(7:38) What is light?


87%VideoAug 2017

Veritasium - The real moral dilemma of self-driving cars

(3:39) How self-driving cars react in life-threatening situations is often asked about autonomous cars. But is that the real moral dilemma?

87%VideoNov 2017

Veritasium - Your amazing molecular machines

(6:20) Molecular machines inside your body make cell division possible.


87%VideoDec 2017

The Science of Thinking

(12:10) How the brain works, how we learn, and why we sometimes make stupid mistakes.


86%VideoAug 2013

Bullet and block experiment - Result

(2:57) Don't watch unless you've seen the experiment and made your prediction: LINK. Even if you got the answer right, can you explain it?


86%VideoFeb 2014

Facebook Fraud

(9:00) What is the worth of a like on Facebook? Veratisium provides evidence that Facebook's revenue is based on fake likes.


86%VideoMar 2014

Veritasium - Evidence of cosmic inflation

(10:42) How did the Big Bang bang?


83%VideoAug 2014

Veritasium - Climate change is boring

(4:56) Everybody knows about climate change, right?