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87%VideoApr 2016

Obama warns UK would be 'back of the queue' if outside EU

(3:11) Barack Obama and David Cameron held a joint press conference in London. On the agenda was Britain's upcoming EU referendum.

87%VideoMay 2016

The giant cranes and robots that keep civilisation running

(3:58) Our civilisation relies on steel boxes and the giant robots that move them.

87%VideoMay 2016

How megacities are changing the map of the world

(20:34) Global strategist Parag Khanna shows how our expanding urban sprawls are actually the basis for a more positive future.

87%VideoJul 2016

Brexit voters willing to swap EU market for immigration control

(6:26) Many who voted to leave the EU did so to stop more immigration. But are they prepared to pay the economic price of tarif-free access to the EU's single market?


87%VideoJul 2016

Bill Maher - Is globalisation failing everybody?

(3:42) A tough question for liberals.


87%VideoOct 2016

Jimmy Dore - Leaked emails show Hillary's support for TPP

(7:07) Emails uncovered by WikiLeaks show the behind-the-scenes arguments for how Hillary Clinton would support and defend the TPP and TPA.

87%VideoOct 2016

How Hillary Clinton will pass TPP

(4:16) Hillary Clinton once called the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) the gold standard.

87%VideoOct 2016

The American Dream is not there any longer

(11:24) Guardian report from May 2016 when Bernie Sanders was still in the running.

87%VideoFeb 2017

Bill Gates: Trump won't want 'tit for tat' tariff walls

(1:50) Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Donald Trump's need to avoid the lose-lose of tariff battles.


87%VideoFeb 2017

What Donald Trump doesn't understand about trade deals

(4:47) More than just winners and losers. Donald Trump's trade policy is simple but the consequences are not.