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88%VideoJun 2015

Douglas Murray vs. the right for British women to cover their faces

(7:18) British journalist and author Douglas Murray debates if British women should wear the niqab.


88%VideoFeb 2017

Q&A highlights - Raheel Raza, Maajid Nawaz, Douglas Murray

(11:41) From the "Islam in a Secular Democracy" session of the National Secular Society's 2016 conference in London.

70%VideoDec 2015

The Rubin Report - Douglas Murray on Islamophobia

(15:02) British author and journalist Douglas Murray talks to Dave Rubin about Islamaphobia, ISIS, and empires.


60%VideoMar 2017

Douglas Murray - Immigration is bad for Britain

(11:58) Douglas Murray gives his argument that there is too much immigration in Britain. From an Oxford Union debate in 2014.

58%VideoNov 2015

Douglas Murray and Sam Harris in conversation

(10:48) Both frequent critics of Islam and both accused of bigotry, Douglas Murray and Sam Harris discuss the 'left' today.


50%VideoMar 2017

Douglas Murray's take on Islamophilia and claims of Islamic inventions

(5:10) Excerpt from a conversation between Douglas Murray and evolutionary biologist Saad Gad.