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94%VideoSep 2016

Poll shows Bernie Sanders more popular than ever

(9:31) In the latest edition of Morning Consult's Senator Approval Rankings, Bernie Sanders' popularity has increased to 87%.

94%VideoJul 2018

City in Oman doesn't drop below 107F (41C) for 51 straight hours

(5:11) The current scenario is worse than the worse-case scenario.


88%VideoFeb 2017

Secular Talk - President Trump breaks unpopularity record

(4:53) How many days did it take for President Donald Trump to reach majority disapproval compared to other recent US presidents.

88%VideoApr 2016

Tim Robbins: Liberals done with compromising ideals

(7:13) Kyle Kulinski comments on actor Tim Robinson calling Hillary Clinton supporters sheep.

88%VideoJun 2016

Bernie Sanders' warning to the Democratic establishment

(12:40) The wealthiest 62 people on the planet own as much as the bottom 50%, that's 3.6 billion people!


88%VideoAug 2016

Bill Maher vs Cornel West - Hillary Clinton or Jill Stein

(9:26) Should Bernie supporters vote for Hillary or a third party?

88%VideoAug 2016

How to get Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in the debates

(7:28) Only 9% of Americans chose Trump or Hillary to be their party nominees!

88%VideoSep 2016

Does Trump want third parties in the presidential debates?

(5:21) Kyle Kulinski sheds some light.

88%VideoSep 2016

We've passed the climate change tipping point!

(4:15) Goodbye world.


88%VideoJan 2017

Kyle Kulinsky on Justice Democrats

(16:59) Kyle Kulinsky explains the new movement to rid Congress of corporate-backed members.