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97%VideoSep 2011

Colour is in the eye of the beholder

(7:56) Fascinating BBC Horizon clip shows the link between colour and language, as demonstrated by tests with the Himba tribe of Namibia.


96%VideoMar 2011

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Maybe we're not as smart as we think we are

Humans and chimpanzees share 99% identical DNA. That makes us drooling blithering idiots.


94%AnimationJul 2014

TED-Ed - How playing an instrument benefits your brain

(4:45) When you listen to music, many areas of your brain show activity. But when you play an instrument, that activity becomes more like fireworks.

94%AnimationDec 2015

TED-Ed - Why the octopus brain is so extraordinary

(4:16) Octopuses have the ability to solve puzzles, learn through observation, and even use tools - just like humans.

94%AnimationNov 2013

Does the brain control you, or do you control the brain?

(3:04) Karl Pilkington asks, "do I control my brain or does my brain control me?"


94%AnimationFeb 2014

TED-Ed - What percentage of your brain do you use?

(5:16) Do we really only use 10% of our brain?

93%VideoSep 2012

Michio Kaku - Brain Net will replace the Internet

(3:54) Yet again, the foreseeable future is science fiction.


90%VideoJul 2008

Michio Kaku - The physics of mind reading

Going beyond the polygraph

90%VideoMar 2009

Dr Dean Ornish - Marijuana can increase your brain cells

New research shows how adopting healthy lifestyle habits can affect a person at a genetic level


90%VideoMay 2013

German super brain live action

(4:03) Longest and quickest calculations ever made on live German TV.