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94%VideoJan 2017

Which EU laws are you looking forward to losing?

(7:01) LBC presenter James O'Brien and a committed Brexiter discuss the reasons for voting to leave the EU.


88%VideoMar 2017

The James O'Brien Show - Is the UK racist?

(9:43) Highlights from a debate about racism in the UK.


88%VideoJun 2017

James O'Brien - How Britain ended up in turmoil

(11:57) Britain is in turmoil. LBC presenter James O'Brien on how we got here.


88%VideoJul 2017

James O'Brien - Tories know Brexit will be a disaster

(3:21) Nobody in the Tory camp wants the top job. And you have to ask why.


87%VideoSep 2016

Black people hate white people because they are more successful

(5:20) Republican congressman Robert Pittenger blames US welfare system for protests over police brutality in Charlotte.


87%VideoOct 2016

Trump gives people someone to blame for self-inflicted problems

(1:47) LBC presenter James O'Brien sums up Donald Trump's appeal.


87%VideoFeb 2017

James O'Brien explains Donald Trump's chilling Muslim ban

(6:20) LBC presenter James O'Brien unpicks the whataboutery cited when defending Donald Trump's Muslim ban.


87%VideoMar 2017

James O'Brien: Why MI5 spying on us is terrifying

(1:17) If you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to fear. Bit what if we elect a madman sometime in the future?

87%VideoAug 2017

Al Gore live on LBC with James O'Brien

(25:40) Former US vice president Al Gore joins James O'Brien to talk about the release of his new film 'An Inconvenient Sequel'.

87%VideoSep 2017

James O'Brien - Good news about Brexit

(3:39) Whose fault is it that Brexit negotiations are going so badly?