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94%VideoMay 2017

What James Comey told his friend about President Trump

(20:25) Benjamin Wittes, a friend of ex-FBI director James Comey describes the conversations he had with Comey about the president.

94%VideoJul 2017

Jonathan Pie - Trump and Putin

(3:09) Jonathan Pie reports on the G20 in Hamburg, from London.

94%VideoOct 2017

David Pakman - Trump furious with consequences of his policies

(8:56) A trend continues of Donald Trump getting sold on supporting right-wing policies, and then becoming irate when he finds out how they would actually affect Americans.


94%VideoDec 2017

Who lied most, Trump or Obama?

(8:46) Panel discuss a New York Times report on Donald Trump's lies compared with Obama's.

94%VideoDec 2017

Warren Buffett on GOP tax cuts and consequences

(11:50) From PBS interview with Warren Buffett. June 2017.


94%VideoFeb 2018

Chris Tapper fact-checks Trump's climate change claims

(2:52) Climate scientist Brenda Ekwurzel helps CNN's Jake Tapper fact-check President Trump's climate change claims.


94%VideoFeb 2018

Comparison of Trump and Obama responding to school shootings

(3:43) Film executive Franklin Leonard suggested "someone do an hour-by-hour comparison" of Obama's response to the Newtown shooting, and Trump's response to the Parkland shooting. Here it is.


94%VideoMar 2018

Bill Maher - Fat Man and Little Boy have a date

(7:10) So crazy it just might work.

94%VideoMay 2018

RoF - Poll reveals that 76% of republicans are stupid

(2:48) According to a new poll, 76% of republicans believe that Donald Trump is a “consistent truth-teller.”


94%VideoMay 2018

Bill Maher: Trump is above the law

(5:55) In America, nobody is above the law ... except Donald Trump.