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97%VideoFeb 2014

Creationist explains why God made the universe so big

(2:36) Leading creation apologist Ken Ham answers a question from the audience: "How does Creationism account for the unimaginably huge expanding universe?"

96%VideoJul 2011

Bill Maher - Why liberals don't like Bachmann or Palin

Republicans think liberals don't like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin because they are women. Bill Mayer puts the record straight.

95%VideoNov 2011

Dumb Ideas - The Leafblower

Dumb and funny often go together. Now that you've seen what happens, there's no need to try it yourself.

94%VideoAug 2011

London riot girls explain why they rioted

Journalist speaks to two girls who took part in riots in Croydon, London. Disturbing on so many levels.

93%VideoJan 2013

Second Amendment Rights gone wrong

(2:43) Simple video containing possibly the most powerful argument for total gun control.

92%VideoAug 2009

Norfolk Broads idiot

Messing about with boats on the river - how not to do it

92%VideoDec 2009

Slippery slope for stupid driver

Despite being warned by neighbours, this couple decided to take their car out for a drive on dangerous icy roads. Not very bright.

91%VideoFeb 2013

Smart alec at the courtroom gets tasered

(3:31) Being awkward for the sake of it is pathetic and sometimes painful, as this smart alec proves.

91%VideoNov 2011

Double Corvette drag racing fail

Two Corvette drivers damage their egos even more than their cars

90%VideoOct 2008

Novice scooter racer gets into trouble

Flummoxed on the track