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93%VideoOct 2008

Eddie Izzard - Jesus and the Dinosaur (2 of 2)

Jesus goes down to minister to the dinosaurs. Hilarity ensues.


92%VideoJul 2009

Eddie Izzard - Landing on the Moon

From the lunatic comedian's show Dress to Kill. Nominated by Piggietta


91%VideoApr 2007

Eddie Izzard on the movies

Drama from 'Dressed to Kill'


90%VideoAug 2007

Eddie Izzard - Cool hand shake

The fine line between cool and looking like a dickhead

90%AnimationOct 2008

Eddie Izzard - Noah's Ark (1 of 2)

Starring God, Sean Connery & an evil giraffe. Illustrated by 43alley


89%VideoJul 2011

Eddie Izzard describes San Francisco

British comedian Eddie Izzard visits San Francisco and discovers there's more to it than the Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars. Criminals have come to the City by the Bay.


88%VideoJun 2007

Eddie Izzard - computers

In pursuit of the on switch


88%VideoFeb 2013

QI - Unaired pilot episode

(35:45) The full unaired pilot episode of QI, hosted by Stephen Fry with guests Alan Davies, Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard and Kit Hesketh-Harvey.

87%VideoOct 2010

Christine O'Donnell talks to Bill Maher and guests

A movie and a sacrifice for Delaware's Republican Party nominee Christine O'Donnell, who admitted to dabbling in witchcraft. From Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect (1999).


87%VideoFeb 2011

QI - Reducing your ecological footprint

What's the biggest thing a modern family can do to reduce their ecological footprint? As you'd expect from QI, the answer is not what you'd expect.