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94%VideoJun 2013

When Jackie Chan picked a fight with Bruce Lee

(1:49) Jackie Chan tells of when, as a young upcoming martial arts star, he got the chance to act opposite Bruce Lee in 'Enter The Dragon'.


94%VideoDec 2013

Enter The Dragon remix

(2:06) Eclectic Method's tribute to the great Bruce Lee in the 1973 movie Enter the Dragon.

94%VideoNov 2008

Bruce Lee tries his hand at ping pong

Master of the nunchaku elevates the art in martial arts


90%PictureAug 2008

Ten random pictures - 5

Chess, Bruce Lee, yoga, gay supper, carousel, mooning, swimmer, batman, swimmer and lightning


89%VideoJul 2005

Bruce Lee

Phenomenal physical ability

88%VideoJan 2009

Bruce Lee - Be water my friend

(0:39) Bruce Lee discusses the philosophy of using your mind to transform matter.

88%VideoJan 2014

Bruce Lee Remix - Be Water My Friend

(2:20) Bruce Lee philosophy autotuned by Melody Sheep.

88%VideoMay 2015

Bruce Lee reborn

(1:24) 5-year-old Ryusei replicates Bruce Lee's nunchaku moves.


88%VideoJan 2009

Lisa Wong at the 60th Narcissus Pageant

Dancing, painting and kicking up a storm in Honolulu


87%VideoJan 2009

Bruce Lee lights a match with a nunchuk

Fast as lightning, but is it the real master?