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87%VideoJan 2009

Busty Heart's watermelon-crushing boobs

Smashing pair


87%VideoJul 2011

Durian, a strange fruit from Southeast Asia

(3:01) Unusual but common in Southeast Asia. I've only experienced durian, but was never able to get close enough to taste it. According to legend, it is delicious.

87%VideoNov 2013

Banana Slicers

(3:27) Supertaster James Norton reviews two banana slicers, the economical Hutzler and the Rolls-Royce-equivalent Bananza.

87%VideoJan 2014

Man and dog share a banana



87%VideoFeb 2015

Bat devours banana

(0:23) Batzilla the Bat gets stuck into a banana.

87%VideoJan 2016

The Tortoise and the Strawberry, narrated by Alan Rickman

(0:29) By watching this, you will be donating to Save the Children and Refugee Council. All YT advertising revenue goes to these charities.

87%VideoMar 2016

Jamie Oliver - Potato or tomato?

(1:44) Children in an elementary school in Huntington, West Virginia, try to identify fresh fruits and vegetables.


87%VideoAug 2016

Watermelon survives 45m drop test

(6:35) With a little help from super protective spray Line-X, a watermelon survives a drop from the top of a 45m tower.


86%VideoMay 2010

Tomato vs BlendTec

At 10,000 frames per second, it is obvious the tomato stands little chance.


86%VideoOct 2010

Watermelon delight

A boy in a watermelon eating the very watermelon that he sits in. Happily confusing.