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96%VideoMar 2012

Karl Pilkington goes wing walking

(2:45) As the butt of Ricky's jokes, Karl Pilkington has to choose between a thong and a high place.

94%VideoApr 2014

POV Blue Angels in very close formation

(0:52) US Navy's flight demonstration squadron Blue Angels practice their close formation flying.

94%VideoMay 2011

Drunk pilot steals airshow plane!

Flying farmer Ben Wabknoski goes flying. It takes a lot of skill to fly that badly.


94%VideoMar 2018

Sudden engine failure in a biplane

(1:28) A biplane's engine cuts out during routine manoeuvres.

93%VideoAug 2013

POV Russian Air Force formation flying

(2:24) Footage from the tail of a Mig-29 and the cockpit of an Su-27 from the "Kubinka Diamond" Russian Air Force aerobatics team.


91%VideoJul 2010

Onboard the Blue Angels

Formed in 1946 under the directive of Admiral Chester Nimitz, the Blue Angels are the US Navy's flight demonstration squadron


91%VideoSep 2011

Sublime jet fighter footage

From air action movie Sky Fighters (2005) which was originally named Les Chevaliers du Ciel.


90%VideoJul 2006

Russian fighter shows off

SU-27 slow flying aerobatics


90%VideoNov 2011

Blue Angels - Shooting the Double Farvel

Aviation photographer takes a back seat with the Blue Angels as they perform the Double Farvel, a diamond formation flat pass with aircraft 1 and aircraft 4 inverted


90%VideoJan 2012

Hercules demo at the Paris Air Show 2011

(6:39) An impressive display of airmanship. Cockpit view from a C-130J showing off its abilities at the Paris Air Show 2011.