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93%VideoJan 2012

SnapRoll Media 2012 reel

(2:28) Cameras mounted on R/C helicopters capture some stunning extreme action footage for SnapRoll Media's 2012 showcase reel.

93%VideoJun 2014

Sebastian Alvarez's wingsuit flight through twin buildings

(4:38) Jumping from a paraglider, fearless daredevil Sebastian Alvarez wingsuits at 125 mph through twin buildings in Renaca, Chile.

92%VideoNov 2011

People are awesome - 2011

The best of crazy. Forget movie stunts, these are the real thing.

92%VideoDec 2005

Lover's Leap speed climb

Dan Osman reaches for the top

92%VideoMar 2011

Wingsuit jumpers' insanely close flyby

Spectators get a view they'll never forget as two wingsuit jumpers pass at 200 - 250 km/h. From Norwegian extreme sports TV program 'Oppdrag Sognefjorden'.

91%VideoSep 2012

Funny view bungee jump

(2:39) He jumps at 1:49.

91%VideoAug 2011

X Games 17 - Moto X Enduro, women's highlights

(0:59) To be fair, it's a brutal course and some men didn't fair too well either.

91%VideoJun 2005

Rodney Mullen loves skateboarding

Stunning trickery by a master

90%VideoDec 2013

Random Shots - Skiing through the woods

(4:01) Another day skiing through a snowy forest for Candide Thovex and his friend Aziz Benkrich.

90%VideoMay 2012

BASE jump with an unpacked parachute

(0:50) When simply jumping off a cliff gets boring, it's time to try something different.