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88%VideoMay 2012

The Dictator on Australian morning TV

(7:24) Much funnier than the trailers, and probably the movie too.

88%VideoJan 2008

Ali G Show - Opening sequence

Slipping into the skin of his alter ego, Respec!

87%VideoJun 2009

Eminem, butt of Bruno's joke at MTV Awards

Angel falls from the heavens causing the real Slim Shady to stand up and leave

87%VideoApr 2006

Borat visits the gym

Kazakhstani gets personal training

86%Jul 2002

Ali G meets Madonna

85%VideoSep 2004

Borat plays country music club

85%VideoAug 2006

Ali G joins pro-choice rally

Abortion issues debated

85%VideoJun 2007

Ali G - environment

Never gonna wash again

84%Jun 2006

Ali G talks to George Bush

84%VideoMay 2006

Borat goes hunting

On safari in Texas