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88%VideoJul 2009

Falcao goes freestyle against Romania

A stunning goal for reigning champions Brazil in the 2009 Grand Prix de Futsal


88%VideoMar 2010

Goalie winded by own goal kick

A strong gust of wind plays havoc with a goal kick during a local German football match between TSV Wimsheim and TSV Grunbach. From DirtyTackle.net


88%VideoApr 2010

Fancy goal FAIL

Too clever for his boots you might say. Stylish penalty but without substance where it counts - scoring!


88%VideoFeb 2011

Rooney's overhead screamer for Man Utd (Feb, 2011)

Wayne Rooney produced a spectacular late winner Manchester United's Premier League title assault back on track


88%VideoJun 2008

Sweden vs Iceland - funny goal

An Icelandic player thinks it's a free kick to his team and pass the ball to a swedish attacker who scores. Euro 2008.


88%VideoMar 2009

Referee insists on perfect penalty

In the pursuit of perfection ref makes player retake penalty 6 times


88%VideoNov 2009

Barnsley fan scores Barnsley's only goal against Man Utd

Not the sort of goal that we want to see


88%VideoNov 2009

Fastest goal ever!

(0:59) Saudi striker Nawaf Al Abed scored what papers in the Kingdom are claiming to be the fastest goal ever recorded in a professional football match - 2 seconds.


88%VideoJun 2010

Cat in shock

OMG Cat, flabbergasted at Rob Green's fumble. Comforting to think we were not alone in our dismay.


88%VideoJan 2013

Incredible double goal save

(1:35) South American football at its finest. Peruvian goalkeeper Angelo Campos pulls off a brilliant double save.