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88%VideoJun 2012

Sauber F1 Team cutaway race car

(5:06) Guided tour of the internals of an F1 car by chief designer for Sauber F1 Team Matt Morris. Mexican F1 driver Sergio Perez is also on hand to demonstrate the seating position.


88%VideoJul 2012

Sebastian Vettel's four second pit stop

(0:18) Current World Champion Sebastian Vettel comes in for a four second pit stop at the 2011 Malaysian F1 GP.


88%VideoOct 2013

Lotus/Grosjean F1 pit stop

(0:11) French F1 driver Romain Grosjean gets his tyres changed by the Lotus crew at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan.


88%VideoApr 2014

F1 pit stops - 1950 vs 2013

(2:10) How pit stops have evolved since 1950.


88%VideoApr 2017

Bill Burr recaps the 2017 Australian Grand Prix

(8:23) An education for those who know shit about F1.

88%VideoJul 2009

Felipe Massa rogue spring accident POV

Ferarri driver Felipe Massa concussed after a rogue spring hits him on the head during the qualifying session of the Hungarian Formula One Grand Prix. Nominated by MaximumB


87%VideoMar 2009

Lewis Hamilton describes his pole position lap at Hockenheim

Talking through his lap at the Mercedes home ground


87%VideoOct 2011

F1 POV at Barcelona

Brazilian F1 driver Lucas di Grassi drives an installation lap (lap to test the car) at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya. Quote: "I had to drive with only one eye open as the camera was blocking my other eye, quite tricky."

87%VideoMay 2012

Renault R25 Formula One car's singing engine

(0:51) At the 2006 Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, Renault Formula One engineers connected a computer to the engine of the Renault R25 Formula One car. This is one of several 'songs' the engine can perform by varying the fuel input and engine RPM.


87%VideoOct 2012

F1 car screaming in Lincoln Tunnel

(2:03) If you have a fetish for F1 engine noise, this is for you - Red Bull's RB7 engine screaming through 1.5 miles of Lincoln Tunnel in NYC.