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88%VideoMay 2019

Angry Bernie in 1992: "No, I will not yield!"

(2:14) When Bernie Sanders blasted Republican and Democrat parties for lacking political vision .

86%VideoMay 2019

How humans will become immortal by 2090

(10:00) Some scientists believe that by 2029, we will have found the secret to eternal life,.

88%AnimationMay 2019

Sam Harris' cookbook vs Jordan Peterson's God

(5:06) Sam Harris compares Jordan Peterson's religious metaphors to a recipe in cookbook.

86%VideoMay 2019

Grumpy Cat:, the internet's most famous cat, has died

(1:14) Internet sensation passed away, at only aged 7.

88%VideoMay 2019

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot autonomously negotiates narrow path


86%VideoMay 2019

The Mouse Utopia Experiments

(24:42) As fears of overpopulation were growing in America, animal behaviourist John Calhoun began experiments on rats to observe how they respond to crowded living.

87%VideoMay 2019

Alabama's abortion law

(3:00) Redneck analyses Alabama's new anti abortion laws.

88%VideoMay 2019

Beluga whale retrieves dropped phone

(0:20) Is this the mysterious "Russian spy whale"?

86%VideoMay 2019

David Icke | AI agenda exposed

(10:51) English conspiracy theorist David Icke explaions how artificial intelligence is the end game for those in charge.

87%VideoMay 2019

David Attenborough | How to save our frozen worlds

(6:17) This is much more to climate change than polar bears and walruses.