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VideoNov 2020

Newsthink | Why Blue Origin is slower than SpaceX

(6:34) Although Jeff Bezos' space venture 'Blue Origin' started two years before SpaceX, they are way behind SpaceX in the development of reusable rockets.


VideoNov 2020

Robert Reich | The real reason Trump won't concede

(3:32) Donald Trump's latest grift - swindling his supporters through his "Official Election Defense Fund".

VideoNov 2020

Krystal and Saagar | MSNBC whistleblower reveals how Andrew Yang blackout worked

(5:10) Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti discuss MSNBC's blacklisting of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

VideoNov 2020

Jumping on a fishing boat in high seas


VideoNov 2020

Gorilla checks on injured bird


VideoNov 2020

Atlas Pro | Lands that will flood in our lifetime

(20:11) Some places are more threatened by rising sea levels than others, but in the end we'll all be paying a price.

VideoNov 2020

Tom Scott | Why the web is such a mess

(9:50) Inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee envisioned a "universal information system". So what went wrong?

VideoNov 2020

Pindex | Stephen Fry | The 5 trillion dollar climate change lie

(15:57) The hidden reason the world has failed to reduce carbon emissions.

VideoNov 2020

A Different Bias | Industry warns food shortages now certain

(11:35) The food industry is now of the view that what the government were calling 'a reasonable worst case scenario' for Brexit is now what is going to become reality.

VideoNov 2020

OCC | The problem with consumerism

(10:21) How consumption causes climate change.