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88%VideoNov 2018

Creative tree felling


86%VideoNov 2018

Jo Johnson calls for a second EU vote

(6:54) Jo Johnson is Boris Johnson's younger brother.

86%VideoNov 2018

Tesla's Gigafactory

(3:30) Tesla currently produces more batteries in terms of gigawatt hours than all other car makers combined.

86%VideoNov 2018

Jordan Peterson on climate change and what to do about it

(6:30) Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson explains why he thinks the world won't unite to solve the complex issue of climate change.

86%VideoNov 2018

Big Think | Why are humans going to Mars?

(4:43) It might take going to another planet for nations to learn how to get along.

87%VideoNov 2018

Jimmy Kimmel | Sacha Baron Cohen on pranking politicians

(8:01) Sacha Baron Cohen talks about his recent series "Who is America".

87%VideoNov 2018

Average player attempts Corey Deuel's famous draw shot

(5:06) How many tries does it take an average pool player to do what pro players do on the first try?

87%VideoNov 2018

Why polls keep getting it wrong

(6:40) Opinion polls have been used across many industries from marketing to politics, but recently they are becoming more and more unreliable.

86%VideoNov 2018

Two Hundred and Seventy

(2:34) 270 white rubbish bags hang like breathing ghosts.


87%VideoNov 2018

Netflix | Our Planet | Teaser

(1:10) It's alive, and it connects us all.