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86%VideoAug 2018

Doctors urge Americans to go vegan

(0:18) Doctor's message: improve your health, lower health care costs, and help the environment by going vegan.

87%VideoAug 2018

Robocar's first driverless hillclimb

(1:49) Using artificial intelligence, Robocar makes history as the first autonomous race car to complete the Goodwood Hillclimb.

88%VideoAug 2018

James O'Brien - Businessman: Brexiteers haven't got a clue

(4:31) "If I don't get my stuff into the country, I can't get put my invoices in. How do I pay my monthly salaries? Come on Rees-Mogg tell me!"

86%VideoAug 2018

Is burning our waste the solution?

(26:07) In Sweden, waste is incinerated producing electricity and heating for residents in the area.

87%VideoAug 2018

Building a crypto-utopia in Puerto Rico

(10:31) Crypto investors are moving to Puerto Rico attracted by lucrative tax incentives.

88%VideoAug 2018

Russian police cancel road rage


87%VideoAug 2018

Competition for the best quake-proof toothpick structure


86%VideoAug 2018

An Alien Abroad (Director's Cut)

(2:03) Don't speak the language? Try Babbel.

88%VideoAug 2018

Can you overdose on vitamins?

(4:58) Vitamins are 13 molecules essential for life that our bodies can't make themselves.


87%VideoAug 2018

Oh my gosh, a plane lands on a busy California highway!