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VideoAug 2020

A-level students react to downgraded results by an algorithm

(2:08) Thousands of A-level students lost their university places after the exam regulator's algorithm downgraded their grades.

VideoAug 2020

Why Steve Wozniak is suing YouTube

(4:09) Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak raises the issue of human contact within AI systems at YouTube and other tech companies.

VideoAug 2020

Economics Explained | Why is the stock market at an all time high?

(17:23) Considering the state of the world in 2020, how come the stack market is at an all time high?

VideoAug 2020

Steve Jobs on quality

(3:09) Steve Jobs answers two questions about quality.

VideoAug 2020

StarTalk | Neil deGrasse Tyson explains absolute zero

(17:10) More than you ever cared to know about absolute zero.

VideoAug 2020

Oceano Profundo | Baby shark

(1:21) Early stages of a growing shark.

VideoAug 2020

Tortoise meets shoe


VideoAug 2020

LaterClips | Tim Cook just became a billionaire

(6:00) It may surprise many that Apple CEO is not already a billionaire.

VideoAug 2020

Baby duck slide


VideoAug 2020

Why lifelong Republican Danielle didn't vote for Trump in 2016