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86%VideoJul 2019

Guy McPherson | We're all going to die within 7 years

(6:55) American biologist Guy McPherson is known for the idea of Near-Term Human Extinction, a term he coined about the likelihood of human extinction by 2030.

87%VideoJul 2019

How close are we to controlling machines with our minds?

(9:06) The field of neural interfaces is just being born. Merging mind with machine is the next frontier for humanity.

87%VideoJul 2019

NowThis | Stephen King predicted Trump's rise 40 ago

(5:13) Reality is scarier than fiction.

88%VideoJul 2019

Where are all Bob Ross' paintings?

(10:49) Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his TV show The Joy of Painting. So why are they so hard to find?

86%VideoJul 2019

Michelle Thaller | What will we learn by going back to the moon?

(6:45) Today, there is a strong scientific case for returning to the moon.

87%VideoJul 2019

Wired | How food is different in space

(17:13) Former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino breaks down the differences between eating on Earth and eating in space.

87%VideoJul 2019

Richard Wolff | IMF's assessment of US economy

(3:53) President Trump constantly repeats that the American economy is in great shape. But the IMF disagree.

86%VideoJul 2019

Jellyfish as big as a human spotted off Cornish coast


85%PictureJul 2019

The new nineties

Can you write a better caption?


87%VideoJul 2019

Do eggs from happy chickens taste better?

(5:04) Eggs from free-roaming, healthy chickens vs eggs from battery hens - can you taste the difference?