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VideoNov 2020

Ursula von der Leyen: better progress on Brexit deal

(8:58) President of the European Commission comments on a report from Ireland that 95% of a Brexit trade deal had been completed.

VideoNov 2020

The happy ending that we need

(0:37) Trump and Biden finally make peace and dance.


VideoNov 2020

Stephen Colbert | Rudy Giuliani melts down defending Trump

(11:59) Trump's elite task--force team in action.

VideoNov 2020

Lex Fridman | Vitalik Buterin: What is money?

(17:18) Vitalik Buterin is co-creator of Ethereum, currently the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.

VideoNov 2020

Economics Explained | Can Texas escape oil dependance?

(21:29) Texas is the second-largest state in the US to California, by landmass, population, and GDP. But can it catch up?

VideoNov 2020

Unexpected danger of clearing snow off your car


VideoNov 2020

The Economist | Covid-19: why vaccine mistrust is growing

(24:10) A vaccine for Covid-19 could be rolled out before the end of the year, but a worrying rise in mistrust of vaccines threatens its effectiveness.


VideoNov 2020

It's Okay To Be Smart | Is space a thing?

(8:49) Is the absence of things... a thing?

VideoNov 2020

NowThis | TikTokers act out Trump's rants

(3:29) Soup and leaves.

VideoNov 2020

A Different Bias | Is a weak deal better than no-deal?

(12:24) There is now not enough time to negotiate a comprehensive Brexit deal, but a very weak deal before January 1, 2021 is still possible.