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VideoJul 2020

An old man's advice

(5:53) Young people, never give up.

VideoJul 2020

Stephen Colbert | Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson suffered different COVID-19 symptoms

(9:04) Tom Hanks talks about what he and his wife Rita Wilson went through as they battled COVID-19.

VideoJul 2020

The Hill | Richard Wolff: Economic crash will be worse than Great Depression

(12:31) Richard Wolff shares his thoughts on stats that reveal 32% of households have not made their full housing payments for July.

VideoJul 2020

A Different Bias | Supermarkets promise not to stock chlorinated chicken

(10:57) Could people power maintain food standards?

VideoJul 2020

Newsthink | SpaceX, Starlink, and space debris

(6:50) How SpaceX plans to address the problem of soace debris as it launches thousands of satellites into orbit.

VideoJul 2020

The Lincoln Project | Fauci


VideoJul 2020

Alligator charge


VideoJul 2020

Insider | How geologists collect lava samples from volcanoes

Insider July 21, 2017

AnimationJul 2020

Kurzgesagt | What is intelligence?


VideoJul 2020

Vox | Why scientists are so worried about Thwaites Glacier

(4:58) In the heart of Antarctica, the Thwaites Glacier is on the verge of collapse.