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87%VideoApr 2019

How sea level rise will affect coastal cities

(7:21) The world is guaranteed to see 4 ft of sea level rise by 2100, just based on the greenhouse gases we have already put into the atmosphere.

86%VideoApr 2019

Vox | Why measles is back in the US

(5:32) How 'herd immunity' can stop the spread of disease.

88%VideoApr 2019

Humpback whale breaches surface

(0:42) Close encounter with a humpback whale.

86%VideoApr 2019

The Rational National | Joe Biden announces 2020 run

(14:28) There are two older white men who are running for the Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie and Biden.

88%VideoApr 2019

Rolling Stone | The first time with Greta Thunberg

(2:50) Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old who is inspiring young people all around the world to combat climate change.

86%VideoApr 2019

A new angle on parking in China

(0:19) "Inclined" parking space unveiled in Chongqing in China.

86%VideoApr 2019

RT America | Can crypto-currencies save Assange?

(6:01) Donations are pouring in to fund Julian Assange's legal defence in the form of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and Zcash.

88%VideoApr 2019

Boston Dynamics debut production Spot Mini

(4:38) Founder of Boston Dynamics Marc Raibert shows off a 'close to production' Spot Mini - a 1-armed 4-legged robot dog.

87%VideoApr 2019

Joe Rogan | What will happen to Julian Assange?

(5:59) Russell Brand and Joe Rogan discuss Julian Assange's arrest.

86%VideoApr 2019

Smarter Every Day | People are manipulating you on Facebook

(22:33) Destin Sandlin visits Facebook to find out how they are combating fake news.