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VideoSep 2020

David Pakman | Trump rally gets bizarre

(12:26) Strange stories from Donald Trump's latest rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

VideoSep 2020

A Different Bias | What will cause Brexit food price increases?

(12:36) In the event of a no-deal Brexit, food prices will increase extending food poverty in the UK.

VideoSep 2020

James O'Brien reacts to to "surreal" moment in PMQs

(7:09) James O'Brien and LBC's political editor Theo Usherwood react to Prime Minister's Questions.

VideoSep 2020

The Guardian | Trump refuses to commit to peaceful transfer of power

(1:00) There won't be a transfer, there will be a continuation.

VideoSep 2020

A battery made from nuclear waste that last 28,000 years

(1:29) A California-based company NDB has made a self-charging battery by trapping carbon-14 (C14) nuclear waste in artificial diamond-case.

AnimationSep 2020

Kurzgesagt | From the smallest to he largest stars in the universe


VideoSep 2020

Fully Charged | Affordable eco housing, is this what we should be building?

(22:53) Robert Llewellyn visits Parc Eirin development in Cardiff to see the 220 affordable eco houses under construction.

VideoSep 2020

GoodThinkingTV | What Scotland thinks of Brexit

(5:10) Scots quizzed on Brexit.

VideoSep 2020

David Pakman | US reputation collapses globally under Trump

(6:06) Many thought the US' reputation around the world was dire due to Donald Trump, but now research proves it.

VideoSep 2020

VICE News | California and Siberia wildfires are more connected than you think

(6:15) Wildfires and other extreme weather events are lingering on much longer than they used to, with devastating consequences.