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88%VideoOct 2018

Elon Musk - Critical message to the world

(5:31) Some of the happiest people are the saddest in reality.

88%VideoOct 2018

Trump supporters on Bernie Sanders

(4:49) How does the populist right view the populist left?

88%VideoOct 2018

Japan's awesome robots

(4:05) Atlas by Boston Dynamics can parkour. But some Japanese robots are also capable of amazing feats.

88%VideoOct 2018

Jimmy Dore | Modern Monetary Theory

(33:55)American economist. Stephanie Kelton explains MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) and how it works.

86%VideoOct 2018

This farm is run entirely with robots

(2:56) Iron Ox's fully autonomous farm in San Carlos, California.

88%VideoOct 2018

6-year-old covers Radiohead

(4:00) 6-year-old Malea Emma gives a soaring performance of Radiohead's 'Creep'.

93%VideoOct 2018

60 Minutes | Trump speaks about climate change

(1:07) In an interview with Lesley Stahl, Donald Trump explains his position on climate change.

87%VideoOct 2018

VW's self-driving car concept - a glimpse into the future of transport

(4:57) The biggest breakthrough in motoring since the Model T.

92%VideoOct 2018

Tiny traffic

(0:26) Coming to a wall near you.

87%VideoOct 2018

Russian Proton rocket malfunction