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87%VideoFeb 2019

Bernie Sanders films 2020 announcement video

(2:35) Concrete evidence that Bernie Sanders will run for 2020?

87%VideoFeb 2019

Maajid Nawaz | Should British ISIS bride be allowed back to UK?

(4:29) Caller suggests that Shamima Begum should be taken by another country - because the UK is in the EU!

87%VideoFeb 2019

Answers With Joe | Are we really alone in the universe?

(19:57) The Rare Earth Hypothesis is the idea that the conditions that created life on Earth are so specific to this planet that it can't happen anywhere else in the universe.

88%VideoFeb 2019

Joe Rogan | Eddie Bravo explains "space is fake" conspiracy

(9:49) Once you go flat, you never go back.

86%VideoFeb 2019

France prepares for no-deal Brexit

(11:47) French finance minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher explains how France is preparing for divorce.

86%VideoFeb 2019

Pedal powered snow plough


87%VideoFeb 2019

Maja Kuczynska | Freestyle wind tunnel dance

(2:31) Performance by Polish indoor skydiving athlete Maja Kuczynska.

86%VideoFeb 2019

How Amazon makes money

(5:36) Amazon reported a record net income of $10.1 billion in 2018, which was a considerable jump from $3 billion in 2017.

93%VideoFeb 2019

James O'Brien | Boris Johnson's £53 million Garden Bridge fail

(6:17) Weapon's grade incompetence and the smell of corruption.

87%VideoFeb 2019

Stephen Colbert | Bill & Melinda Gates talk tax

(6:53) Philanthropists Bill & Melinda Gates give their biased view on the proposed 70% marginal tax rate.