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94%VideoSep 2018

Bill Maher | Florence and the Ratings Machine

(4:36) Bill Maher recaps top stories of the week, including Trump's feud with hurricanes and Paul Manafort's plea deal.

88%VideoSep 2018

Deadliest Animals: The Basset Hound

(0:48) Of all the predators in the animal kingdom, there's a surprising contender for title of "Deadliest Animals".

86%VideoSep 2018

Japanese self-pouring beer machine


87%VideoSep 2018

Joe Rogan and Adam Frank talk video games

(10:24) Astrophysicist Adam Frank gets a lesson in Quake theory from Joe Rogan.

86%VideoSep 2018

How Donald Trump created Donald Trump in the 1980s

(4:51) Even though Trump sometimes seems like he's sometimes shooting from the hip on the campaign trail, it's all part of a persona he refined back in the 80s.

88%VideoSep 2018

How Amazon drives down wages

(4:05) Is Amazon really the job creator it claims to be?

94%VideoSep 2018

Get ready for the triple breach


88%VideoSep 2018

SpaceX Lunar Tourism

(9:11) Is this the beginning of a new industry?

86%VideoSep 2018

Dockless electric scooters are popping up in cities overnight

(5:39) A new form of transport is appearing on city pavements, the dockless electric scooter.

93%VideoSep 2018

NYT | Trump thinks he's making America great again

(4:26) The midterm elections are coming up.