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86%VideoJul 2018

Lebanese mayor makes the case for a sexy police force

(2:25) The town of Broummana in Lebanon has hired a group of young women as auxiliary police officers for the summer - and dressed them all in shorts.

86%VideoJul 2018

How we can turn the cold of outer space into a renewable resource

(13:27) What if we could use the cold darkness of outer space to cool buildings on Earth?

94%VideoJul 2018

James O'Brien: Would you fly a balloon of your father-in-law when he visited?

(2:34) James O'Brien answers a caller's questions, but to no avail.


87%VideoJul 2018

Caller who wants England to lose because of multiracial squad

(3:58) LBC presenter Kevin Maguire takes a call from Ian who strongly disapproves of the multiracial society.

86%VideoJul 2018

Snowflake in Arizona, where residents are allergic to life

(9:15) A small community in Snowflake, Arizona, has retreated into the desert to escape modern life.


87%VideoJul 2018

Is baby Trump balloon ridiculous and embarrassing?

(5:35) US Republican Party spokesperson Drew Liquerman and journalist Owen Jones disagree on the value of the Donald Trump baby blimp that will fly over London.


87%VideoJul 2018

Progress on Hyperloop

(6:17) Virgin Hyperloop One co-founder Josh Giegel updates on their project to build hyperloop in India.

88%VideoJul 2018

Vision-free MIT Cheetah

(2:28) MIT's Cheetah 3 robot can now leap and gallop across rough terrain, climb a staircase littered with debris, and quickly recover its balance when suddenly yanked or shoved, all while essentially blind.


87%VideoJul 2018

Rubik's Race, multiplayer Rubik's Cube


87%VideoJul 2018

Steven Pinker vs Nick Spencer - Has science disproved religion?